Build a web corpus with Hyphe!


Mapping controversies can be highly facilitated by studying it from the prism of the web. Analysing the websites of the actors of a controversy and establishing a map from the links between them can be a source of great knowledge, although it can be quite complex to realize, especially for social scientists. Built as a [...]

Social Sciences Third Generation: the seminar

logo SHS3G

On May 28th, the seminar SHS3G, managed by the médialab (Dominique Boullier), will welcome Dominique Cardon and Franck Cochoy  au médialab, 13 rue de l’Université. “Social sciences ...


Scientometrics Landscapes


By Tommaso Venturini This post is to introduce a technique for the exploration of the scientific ...

Manylines, a graph web publication platform with storytelling features


GIRARD Paul, PLIQUE Guillaume, JACOMY Mathieu. Manylines, a graph web publication platform with ...