Climaps, A global issue atlas of adaptation to climate change, is online


Climate change is happening; we have no choice but to adapt. Yet how are we going to live with a changing climate? How are we going to share the burden of adaptation among countries, regions and communities? How to be fair to all human and non-human beings affected by such a planetary transition? Since our [...]

Balazs Vedres: Network science as a digital product: tools for network mapping and intervention

Balazs Vedres présentera ses travaux le jeudi 20 Novembre à 15h Salle du médialab, 13 rue de l’Université, 75007 Paris Son intervention présentera les recherches de son centre à Central ...


“Inside – Outside” : Exposition Armin Linke à la bibliothèque de Sciences Po


Inauguration lundi 3 novembre à 18h au 27 rue Saint-Guillaume dans le 7è arrondissement. Grâce ...

THATCamp Digital Humanities 2014 – Lyon


Le médialab sera présent au THATCamp Digital Humanities 2014 à Lyon du 14 au 17 Octobre 2014. ...