Climaps, A global issue atlas of adaptation to climate change, is online


Climate change is happening; we have no choice but to adapt. Yet how are we going to live with a changing climate? How are we going to share the burden of adaptation among countries, regions and communities? How to be fair to all human and non-human beings affected by such a planetary transition? Since our [...]

The MOOC in “Scientific Humanities” by Bruno Latour


« Scientific humanities » means the extension of interpretative skills to the discoveries made by science and to technical innovations. The course will equip future citizens with the means to be at


Open Data Camp Élections


Le 23 février 2015, de 09h30 à 18h00: #DataElections Depuis quelques années, le ministère de ...

Bruno Latour sur France Inter : “Environnement : après Lima, avant Paris”

Dimanche 25 janvier 2015, sur France Inter : 3D, une émission de Stéphane Paoli, en direct et en p