Social Sciences Third Generation: the seminar

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Every month, the seminar SHS3G, managed by the médialab (Dominique Boullier), takes place at the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme in Paris ( “Social sciences third generation” is coined to account for the challenge to social sciences created by the emergence of Big Data, as a ressource, a technology and an intellectual framework. Traces [...

The MOOC in “Scientific Humanities” by Bruno Latour


« Scientific humanities » means the extension of interpretative skills to the discoveries made by science and to technical innovations. The course will equip future citizens with the means to be at


Scientometrics Landscapes


By Tommaso Venturini This post is to introduce a technique for the exploration of the scientific ...

Manylines, a graph web publication platform with storytelling features


GIRARD Paul, PLIQUE Guillaume, JACOMY Mathieu. Manylines, a graph web publication platform with ...